Murwillumbah – Results and Updated OOM Tables

Posted on: 19 March

Jeb Hunter Memorial Classic Winners 2019 –
Conor Whitelock (Byron Bay) and Elly Petersen (CTH)

A rather wet day eventuated at Murwillumbah but only after we got the field away.  The 5 holers showed the way and were all able to complete their rounds before the heavens opened.  Best score of the day was recorded by Nathaniel Welsh and all players walked away with a medal. 

A few of the 9 holers were able to complete their rounds but the majority did not.  Consequently, we reduced the competition to the first 6 holes and the best scores were recorded by Tai Harrison (CTH) and Tana Lowe (Yamba). 

The Open field was also reduced to a 9 hole event as the leading group had only reached the 12th hole before the rains came.  The eventual Boys Champion was only determined after a (another) playoff with Conor Whitelock (Byron Bay) holding out Isaac Outridge (CTH) and Harvey Remfrey (Ballina).  The Girls Championship was won by a couple of shots by Elly Petersen (CTH).  Good to see Elly back in the NRDGA circuit again. 


The updated OOM Tables after the Jebb Hunter Memorial Classic can be located here

Hollie Fuller and dad – waiting for the green to become playable – it never did!!

The final say goes to this father/daughter waiting to putt out on the 12th green – it was as bad as it looks!!

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