Situation Update – Changes to be implemented immediately

Posted on: 19 March

Competitions for Golf Australia Handicap players

At the start of the season, the NRDGA attempted to address an issue related to the “Pace of Play”.  We introduced a “Stableford Competition” for those players with handicaps above a certain level.  This strategy has not worked for a number of reasons and we will discontinue this policy effective immediately.

We have decided to “educate rather than legislate” and will be producing a simple 1 page “Good Golf Habits – Guidelines for Pace of Play” document that will initially be distributed at the Ballina event in a few weeks time.

For a preview of the new “NRDGA Pace of Play” guidelines click here

So, for the rest of the season, all players in 18/36 hole events will be playing in STROKE Competitions and the Order of Merit tables have been updated to retrospectively incorporate all players in the traditional Gross and Net competitions.

9 Hole Players – Handicap Adjustments

As mentioned at the conclusion of the presentation of our (very wet) day at Murwillumbah, there will be no adjustment to 9 hole handicaps after this shortened event.

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