NRDGA Pennants 2019 – Final Results

Posted on: 17 June

Results of NRDGA Pennant Finals for Divisions 1 through 10 can be found here

I am sure everyone was glad they got the weather forecast a bit off.

Well done to all teams and all I have heard is positive responses. As usual  any suggestions for next year appreciated. A couple that stand out are playing in fours to help speed of play and buggy share, As well as host club availability. Another is we possibly do div 1 and div 2 in teams of 5 still hoping for scratch play but more of a chance of low markers playing and clubs rustling up a team.

Anyway to all who helped out and great to see the camaraderie and sportsmanship. A lot of close matches and the standout Murwillumbah vs Ocean Shores in Division 2 the deciding match going to the 21st hole.

The other impressive and decisive win was Cool/Tweed in Division 1. As we struggled for 4 teams with low handicaps to play scratch play, we decided  to play handicap match play in Div. 1 as well. The Cool/Tweed team spotting each opponent over 20 shots per week went through undefeated winning the final today 5/2

One thing we cannot forget is division 11 playing on for another week due to 5 teams in the division I will circulate an updated position tomorrow.

Peter Moyle Captain


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